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Because who doesn’t feel better about themselves with a little tan? Afterglow On The Go was born in 2015. With requests from our spray tanning customers falling in love with the Afterglow brand... The Afterglow Dark tanning Mousse was born!

"WOW! I’m in love with the new afterglow tanning mouse! I stay away from most self tanners and always received the Afterglow spray tans! But this mouse is just what I was looking for. It’s not sticky and it smells so good!"

- Jodileigh F

"Thank you Afterglow on the go for creating this tanning mouse! It's amazing and much more natural than others I'v tried."

- Stephanie L

"LET ME TELL YOU!!! I have never used a tanning mouse that makes me feel so sun kissed! Obsessed with the smell and color results. Thank you Afterglow team!"

- Amanda L